About us


Welcome to Konsulto Engineers Ltd

The office of Konsulto Engineers has been created at 2006 by experienced Engineers and with the entanglement of appreciable collaborators covers a big spectrum of services.

Our aim is the confrontation of customer needs with directness, rational planning with the most optimal solution between energy saving - low cost, maintaining the quality in high levels.

The internal organizational structure of the office with dedicated software, state of the art electronic equipment provide us the power of executing small and big projects effectively with a strict time schedule.

We provide a complete spectrum of services from initial planning and strategy to design and project management, working with governments, contractors, consultants, financials.

We specialise in the design and installation of various devices including air conditioning, building management systems (BMS), combined heat and power (CHP), SBEM, ventilation and energy efficient services.

More than 700projects illustrate our capability and experience.

To browse recent examples of our work, please click one of project - featured, residential, commercial, industrial links representing each of our four principle service areas.