Today’s projects require more than advanced tools and talent.
You also need “what if” ingenuity — especially when striving for maximum sustainability.
Our engineers and specialists are among the leaders in their fields.
Together, in collaboration with architects and owners, we develop optimal solutions that work well for everyone.


• energy life-cycle cost analysis
• energy/natural ventilation modeling
• low-temp air distribution systems
• cogeneration systems
• heat recovery systems
• advanced control systems
• building and thermal mass system concepts
• ground source and radiant system technologies
• water/waste distribution & collection
• grey water conservation
• treatment: reclaim and recycling
• rainwater harvesting system design
• solar thermal system design


Beyond leading-edge technology and insight, our electrical engineering services include something else: ingenuity.
Our electrical engineers are experts at devising solutions that effectively meet client needs — in power system design, energy use, telecommunications and more.
Our innovative use of renewable energy can open windows to power reduction, resulting in substantial savings in utility bills.


• power distribution system design
• low voltage system design
• power quality testing & monitoring
• feasibility studies
• due diligence reports
• systems commissioning
• photovoltaic (pv) systems design
• lighting design
• daylighting design and modeling
• landscape illumination
• lighting master plans
• custom luminaire design
• theatrical consulting
• lighting for the elderly

Services & Design

• Air Conditioning
• Heating
• Ventilating
• Whole House Ventilation
• Electrical Services
• CIBSE TM 38 Renewable energy sources
• Viable renewable energy sources analysis
• Lighting (including fibre optic, LED and fluorescent
• Lifts (Hydraulic and Traction, Frequency Drive)

Energy Conservation

• Grey Water Systems
• Passive Ventilation
• Photocell Controlled Lighting
• Infrared Heating
• CHP Systems
• Low Carbon Consulting
• Building Regulations Part L

Facilities Management

• Full Maintenance Support
• Utility Charge Audit
• In-House Consultancy services
• Health & Safety compliance

Fire, Security, Communications

• Fire & Intruder Alarms
• Fire Engineering
• Security, CCTV and Danger Management Systems
• Voice/Data Communication